Join our international team dedicated to creating a long term impact on the way people stay and experience destinations worldwide. 

We combine our knowledge and expertise from different branches and build tech-driven solutions to optimize workflows and create value for our clients, partners, and society. 

Our goal is to change the landscape of tourism and real estate, globally. That is why we need you!

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​WalQinn provides streamlined accommodation solution for travelers, digital nomads and corporations and makes them feel at home, while being a safe partner for real estate investors looking for new opportunities.


Founded in 2018, WalQinn rapidly expended to 8 different cities. Our young and dynamic team counts more than 50 people with different cultural and professional backgrounds. Our growing team consists of people from various segments of tourism and real estate industry.

You will work along real estate professionals, operations specialists, hotel experts, hospitality professionals, finance experts, designers, engineers who all work together to make people feel welcomed and help them to become part of the community wherever they are.

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Image by Nik MacMillan. Corporate and leisure housing, jobs in Zagreb, Brusses, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Sofia, Vienna- Employment Opportunities- Hotel Jobs, Tourism Jobs

 Our Mission 

WalQinn team is dedicated to meet housing trends and needs of a new generation of travelers and investors.


Our mission is to make traveling and professional allocations away for home hassle-free and to allow people to meet and become part of new communities and feel like local in no-time.


 Our Vision 

We want to change the future of housing and traveling. Our teams work on new and innovative tech-driven solutions with a touch of humanity.  


We want to make the housing of the future relaxed and inspired by local and authentic influences, which enrich and build better communities for all. 


Image by Christin H- Corporate and leisure housing, jobs in Zagreb, Brusses, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Sofia, Vienna- Employment Opportunities- Hotel Jobs, Tourism Jobs

 Our Values 

  •   Honesty and transparency 

  •   Open mindedness  

  •   Endless Hospitality 

  •   Think and act like an owner  

  •   Always seek ways to evolve and improve  

  •    Hard work and dedication  

  •   Give back to community, society and planet 





  • Cell phone reimbursement for all work related matters and/or work phone number

  • Paid Family leaves

  • Transportation

  • *Health insurance

  • Coffee and tea provided in the office

*Coverage depends on your location



  • We are working in the new industry and give chances to motivated individuals without prior hospitality experience

  • We are growing constantly expanding existing and creating new departments. Grow with us and be part of the WalQinn family

  • We support your goals and offer temporary remote involvement if you want to expand your career with new training or studies


  • Paid time off

  • Up to 10 days to stay in WalQinn Properties Worldwide

  • Special Rates for Friends and Family members 

  • Exceptional employees in management have flexible vacation policy and flexible remote work policies



  • WalQinn offers opportunity if you want to try different company branch or experience living in one of the city’s where we have an office, we support your through City Exchange Program

  • Exceptional employees are promoted to higher positions in new markets we open

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