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WalQinn Sarajevo

WalQinn welcomed the first guests in Sarajevo in February 2018. Sarajevo was the first city WalQinn added in the portfolio.


Since then, we remain only property management company in Sarajevo, and frontline of the positive changes and innovations in the tourism offer of the city.


We greeted more than 8’000 satisfied guests in Sarajevo across 40 properties. Our local team is dedicated to bring local and authentic feeling to each guest and make the stay memorable.



WalQinn apartments are located in the most vibrant and cool parts of Sarajevo, walking distance from the major attractions, and close to the best restaurants, bars, galleries, museums, and traditional shops.

Traveling far from home sometimes can be disorienting; that is why our local team makes sure to have you covered and provides you with the
most authentic local tips, which will make you feel like a part of the community from day one.


 What to see? 

Sarajevo is a place where cultures meet, interact, and bring people together. Walk through historic streets of the Old Town and feel “the clash” of different cultures combined in the vibrant and generous atmosphere. 

Take a break and escape to nature in one of the mountains surrounding the city or try to catch beautiful sunsets from one of the many spots on the hills of Sarajevo. 

 Museums and Galleries 

With a rich history and influences from the East and West, Sarajevo offers a museum scene that brings you closer to the understanding of the unique city dynamics.

Sarajevo museums give you insights about how the city changed and became what it is today. Learn more about Ottoman times, Austrian monarchy, Olympic Games, Siege of Sarajevo, and many other parts of the city's history.


 Local Restaurants 

Food is probably the most remarkable thing about Sarajevo and the reason why many come.Bosnian cuisine developed as a combination of Turkish food with a local twist.


Local dishes are based mostly on the beef variations. You have an opportunity to try the best “cevapi”, or if you look for vegetarian options, various types of “pita,” baked filled pastries beloved by the locals. 

International Gastro

If you run out of the options for the local cuisine, you can head for one of the international restaurant options. 

Global gastronomic influences came to the city just recently, and new concepts are continually developing. Our team of local experts made sure to select the best ones for WalQinn guests!

Image by Amie Johnson

 Cafes, Bars and Pubs 

The city has an extensive culture of people meeting outside, having a coffee, or a beer in the afternoon. Do not get surprised if you see all place full in the middle of the day, and we made sure you find the best ones to feel a truly local atmosphere.

If you come for a few days, make sure to try traditional Bosnian coffee and see what makes it so special! Recommended by locals!

 Remote working and   laptop friendly places 

If you are a digital nomad, expat or, professional on relocation, we have you covered!


Check our preferred co-working partner HUB387 or enjoy working from cozy cafes beloved by local freelancers and laptop freaks.


 Events and Festivals 

Sarajevo is the home of the most famous film festival in the region. Film Festival held in summer brings celebrities, art, music, and full nights of great fun on Sarajevo streets. 

If you are not lucky to visit the festival, winter is reserved for the events on the Olympic mountains surrounding the city, as all the locals head to the parties on the snow! 

 Clubs and Nightlife 

Contrary of the neighboring Belgrade and Zagreb, Sarajevo is not famous for the wild nightlife. But do not be discourage, you can still find places to spend your nights, listen to music and meet great people.

Make sure to find the best ones and check out our recommendations!

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