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WalQinn Zagreb

WalQinn welcomed first guests in Zagreb in July 2018. Since then we greeted more than 5'000 satisfied guests in more than 50 properties across Zagreb. 

Our local team is dedicated to bring local and authentic feeling to each guest and make the stay memorable.

If you are Landlord or real estate developer contact and local Real Estate Director will contact you.



WalQinn apartments are located in the most vibrant and cool parts of Zagreb city center, walking distance from the inner city, which is home to the best restaurants, galleries, museums, and shops.

Traveling far from home sometimes can be disorienting; that is why our local team makes sure to have you covered and provides you with the
most authentic local tips, which will make you feel like a part of the community from day one.

Image by Viktor Juric

 What to see? 

Zagreb is perfect for exploring on foot with everything being easily accessible within a short distance.


Enjoy exploring different eras of the city development or enjoy an afternoon in one of the famous city parks!

 Museums and Galleries 

Zagreb has the biggest number of museums per capita in the world! As the city is and always will be at the intersection between East and West it lives and breathes history.

Zagreb offers wide scene of contemporary museum, but you can as well find many classic and traditional spots. Learn about the past, traditions, and amazing works of arts and crafts.


 Local Restaurants 

Croatian gastronomy is characterized by its regional diversity. Fortunately, Zagreb gives a little bit of everything!

Enjoy Zagreb classics "Štrukli" and 

"Schnitzel", fresh seafood and prosciutto from Dalmatia or Istrian truffles and olive oils. Combine with a glass of Croatian wine and relax. Recommended by the locals!

 Best Burgers 

Zagreb offers many choices to try amazing burgers from local production and enjoy the ultimate between-the-bun creations.

Try famous burger joints from Zagreb and have a beer from wide options of local crafts!


Recommended by the locals!


 Remote working and   laptop friendly places 

If you are a digital nomad, expat or, professional on relocation, we have you covered!


Check our co-working partnerships or enjoy working from cozy cafes beloved by local freelancers and laptop freaks.


 International Gastro 

If you run out of the choices for local cuisine or you want to have your favorite dish with Croatian touch, Zagreb offers a wide selection of international restaurants. 

Sushi with fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea, pizza Napoletana, Thai, Latin American or, African cuisine? Check out our recommendations by locals to find your new favorite spot!


 Events and Festivals 

Zagreb lives all seasons, and no matter when you come, you can be sure that there will be events and festivals to follow!

Three years best Christmas Market in Europe, FIS Ski Cup, food markets festivals, and many more!

 Cafes, Bars and Pubs 

Zagreb is a pretty exciting city to be in, and people love to explore new, exciting spots.

Just by wandering around, you can find fantastic coffee places, craft beer bars, local wine bars and, amazing after-work spots.


Recommended by the locals!


 Clubs and Nightlife 

Zagreb diversity is felt through its nightlife, as well. From an alternative to classy, from Balkan to pop music tunes, there is a club for every taste.

However, the best Zagreb nightclubs are well hidden, make sure that you do not miss it, and check out our recommendations!

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