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How important are amenities in an apartment

Multiple factors can determine the value of your accommodation. All guests are diverse and appreciate different things in the apartments. For some, design is important, for others location is more important, and for others the affordable price of the accommodation. What WalQinn found out through many surveys and guest experiences, is that all guests enjoy signs of attention that make their stay in the apartment more memorable.

Our experiences showed us that amenities are an important part of customer satisfaction. Amenities are nonessential, comfort features that give more pleasure and experience to the guest while staying in your accommodation. What does that mean for apartment owners?

Amenities will allow you to have more regular guests with a longer stay.

With amenities, you guide guests not only to come back to you more often but also for a longer period. With all the necessities they have, guests will feel at home and make the most of their stay in the apartment.

Considering the location and the experiential goal, some of these amenities will vary according to the preferences of the guests. To bring you closer to the importance of amenities and which are needed, we have categorized them in the following content:



Guests always appreciate having a kitchen with basics (coffee, tea, oil, etc.) for breakfast, a little snack during the day, or even cooking an entire meal for friends/family.

  • coffee, tea

  • oil

  • salt, sugar

  • cooking utensils


Good WiFi connection and TV are a must nowadays, either for work or leisure, for guests, it is not even an option.

  • WiFi router

  • smart TV


Our guests that are traveling light, appreciate finding in the apartment soap & shampooing.

  • body and hand soap

  • shampoo and conditioner


The cleanliness of the apartment is one of the first things that guests will notice and check in the apartment. For guests who have booked a slightly longer stay in the accommodation, we suggest providing several cleaning products for them to maintain the property.

  • disposable paper towels

  • universal cleaner

  • wipes or spray for disinfection


If you are so comfortable with having pets in your property, you will attract those guests who have it difficult finding the perfect accommodation.

  • pet relief pads or extra dark towels

  • easy to clean and non-fragile floors

  • food and water bowls


A great complement to the apartment is the work-station. For guests who are on a business trip or carrying work accessories, a corner with a desk is very practical.

  • good lighting

  • work chair


To welcome families with children, you can include childcare and comfort items.

  • baby cot

  • high chair

  • cutlery for toddlers

With these facilities, you will be able to increase the value of your property, and guests will feel safer and more refined in your hospitality. Treat your guests to the ambiance you would enjoy yourself, and consider the lifestyle that will shape guests' stay in the apartment. It is crucial to thoroughly research the market at your disposal and do your best to satisfy the needs of clients.

By following our advice, we have succeeded to bring our service recipients to high standards. All the mentioned amenities are part of the WalQinn apartments so guests who stay in them would feel comfortable and exceptional.

Sometimes it can be time-consuming and difficult to maintain consistency with all of these amenities on every property. WalQinn has succeeded to bring its service recipients to high standards and has the intention of helping others to accomplish the same. To maximize revenues and overall guest satisfaction, start working with WalQinn as your reliable partner.



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