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We are excited to share our latest project in Brussels! Recently WalQinn entered into an agreement to take over management of a beautiful heritage hotel building in the Saint-Josse neighborhood. This old hotel will be fully refurbished and extended to reinvent a beautiful space with a new concept.

Our teams are working hard on the renovation and reconstruction plans, incorporating the building's rich history with the reinvented hospitality of tomorrow.

While we are excited about our new project, we recognize that while many live and work in exuberance, others among us suffer hardship and struggle to meet their everyday necessities.

Only by working together, we can preserve the planet and the people who call it home. Our priority is to be at the forefront of revolution on how we use empty spaces in real estate and hospitality industries. That's why we want to share how we tackle this mission and inspire others to do the same.

While we are waiting to obtain all necessary permits and begin the construction, we decided to find good use of the space of our future hotels by working with two Non-governmental associations.

We are proud to work with the association "La voix des sans papiers" (Eng. "The voice of the Undocumented"), the association helping undocumented people from Africa to be integrated into society. Together with the building owners, WalQinn provides hotel rooms, while the association helps them with administrative procedures, finding work, and finding a school for their kids. More than 50 people call this old building their home today while looking to start a new and hopefully happier chapter of their life.

As our priority is to advance society and make Earth a more peaceful and beautiful place, we also decided to support Art & Cultural projects using the abandoned part of the building. The open space of 500 square meters with rough concrete walls and an eight meters ceiling high, which used to be the gym of the hotel, is today converted into an Art Exhibition area. We decided to give this space to "Fondations 312", a Belgian Artists' Collective that organizes exhibitions and artistic events and provides artists with a place to do their creations.

"We are happy to see both associations working together to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, sharing a passion for life and making little memories that benefit everyone. The Earth is the place for us, the place for all our people, and only by working together we will make it a better place," said Ethan Benillouche and Dino Karic, WalQinn founders.

Check out media coverage of our efforts and events organized by Fondation 312, and if you are visiting Brussels, check out the foundation's Instagram page for the latest events and exhibitions.

Check out the Instagram Page of Fondations 312:

Exhibition is open until December the 18th - Rue Royale 312, Saint Josse


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