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Whether you are a single-unit owner or real estate developer, we are committed to building new and creative solutions tailored to meet your investment goals!

We offer a
one-stop solution for real estate investors to discover the real value of their properties and maximize yield!

What makes WalQinn landlords' preferred tenant?

Secure Tenant and Payments

No late Payments, no Tenants breaking rules! Hassle-free utilization of your real estate.

Convenient and straight forward process

From day 1 you are assigned with Account Manager, who will guide you through whole process and address all of your inquiries

Reliable network of business clients

We work directly with extensive network of local and international corporations, and vetted business travelers

Flexible Pricing Arrangements

Secure fixed-monthly payments or discover upside opportunity with profit and revenue sharing agreements to maximize your income

Long-term solution

Your long term partner! Our agreements in 95% of cases extend to several years.

Why investors and developers choose WalQinn

Lease out from the day 1

We manage the property from the first day available and remove lease-up time

Professional Management and Maintenance

We take care of tenant turnover and our teams ensure the best maintenance of the property.

Value Appreciation of the Property

Our projects turn neighborhoods into a more creative and entrepreneurial place and increase value of your estate in long term.

Higher ROI 

We provide you with conceptual suggestions in order to optimize you  use of space and guest experience

End-to-end solution

We offer full range of services, market analysis, conceptualization, architecture, design and property management

Full Property Management services

We take care of everything for you! Our comprehensive short-term rental property management services give you a hassle-free way to put your real estate in use and maximize the income


Professional Photography


Revenue optimization combining technology and local expertise


Cleaning and linen turnover

Listing_Creation (2).png

Listing Creation on 20+ different channels and Listing SEO Optimization


24/7 Guest Communication 


Property Maintenance and Repairs


Comprehensive Marketing of your property


Welcoming and Reception Services


Monitoring and restocking of necessary amenities

Direct_Reservations2 (2).png

Direct reservations from WalQinn network of business travelers


Hotel Quality Linen, Towel and Amenities


Owner’s platform offers real-time insights into occupancy & earnings

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