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Selection of color for your home

When designing a home for short-term renting and digital nomads, it is important to keep in mind some good practices that will make your guest comfortable, and have them recommend your place to their friends and family.

One of the most important things when it comes to designing your perfect home is choosing colors. The colors that surround you significantly affect your mood and comfort in the environment. From bright and gentle colors that make you feel comfortable and awake, to dark ones that create a dose of mystery and intimacy in your home. Home is your canvas, and you paint it the way you want to feel every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep. Since the range of colors is unlimited, and our moods are constantly changing, we are here to help you make the best decision for your home. It is always good to keep in mind that your future guests can have different preferences, it is good to find a balance between what you like and what will be appreciated by people staying at your place.


  • the most popular choice are earthy colors

  • brown, orange-red

  • Make sure that colors and materials are easily cleaned after a meal

  • Find out what kind of mood you want in the dining room: do you want it to be classy, the beige and natural colors are a great option. Want it to be romantic, use darker colors such as brown and orange, or you can make it into a social room and use vibrant colors. They all fit in the dining room.


  • using the color of cabinets is the best guide

  • popular colors: brown, peach, yellow

  • brick reeds can be used as an accent on a neutral color

  • For a kitchen to feel elegant and modern, dark green and dark blue can be used as an accent on metallic colors (bronze and brass)

  • If you are not sure about color choice, white is a timeless color that will look good in almost all kitchens. White works extremely good with browns and wood colors

Common kitchen style Atypical kitchen style


  • the lighting of the room needs to be taken into great consideration

  • Warm colors, like beige, cream, or shades of yellow can add a warm and inviting look, while cooler colors such as gray can add a more formal appearance.

  • but nice shades of blue with a gray base with accents of orange or steely gray metallics for a modern living room

  • gray color with accents of other colors can also be used and have recently become very popular

  • Don’t forget the curtains! They give your home a cozy feeling and reduce the noise

Common living room style Atypical living room style


  • Light colors and natural shades such as light blue, seafoam green, and light earthy shades have always been appreciated for bathrooms because they can create a relaxing spa feeling.

  • gray color in the bathroom can make a dramatic feeling because the bathrooms are usually not provided with a lot of lighting, so to make a moody and intense mood, grey colors are a perfect pick

  • make sure that the colors won't make a usually small bathroom even smaller

  • playing with different textures in a bathroom gives it more dimension

  • Make sure you choose colors and materials that will not be destroyed by water and cosmetics.

Common bathroom Atypical bathroom


  • green, blue, and earthy colors are the best for bedrooms

  • pinks, peach, burgundy colors can be also used for a romantic and intense, yet gentle feeling

Common bedroom style Atypical bedroom style


  • pastel shades for a fresh and playful mood

  • inspires imagination and creativity - pastel pink, blue, yellow, green

  • If you want to make your place kids-friendly, make a one-wall black/whiteboard so the kids can have the freedom to their artworks

Common kids' playroom Atypical kids' playroom


  • neutral, not over distracting colors such as light browns, creme colors

  • deep blue and charcoal blue can be used to promote strength and confidence, which is the feeling that we need when being productive

Common office space Atypical office space



  • smooth feeling surface

  • generally durable, even more than matte finishes

  • dents are not very noticeable

  • easy to clean without taking damage

  • offers more accurate color

  • If you are bothered by imperfections, and you are afraid of moisture damage and staining, we recommend that you use a different texture than satin.

  • best used in high traffic areas

  • high-touch surfaces

  • a popular choice in living rooms and bedrooms

  • good for hallways and kitchen

  • overall can be used in any part of a home


  • more sheen than a satin finish

  • very durable and can take the scrubbing of the walls

  • can visually brighten up space

  • good for small spaces without much light

  • moisture resistant and durable

  • great for kitchens and bathrooms

  • great for coloring bookshelves, closets, and kitchen cabinets

  • great for molding and trim


  • highly durable cleanable surface

  • resistant to staining and moisture

  • brightens u spaces dramatically

  • since it is very sensitive to light, we suggest that you use it so you do not have to worry about accentuated imperfections.

  • since the color is reflective it can shift the tones

  • good for small piece furniture

  • tables

  • can be paired for satin patterns

If you have a real estate that needs refreshment and a new design, and you want to collaborate with WalQinn, please contact us, and our friendly Business Development Team will guide you to find the right project for you!


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